A Call to Action: Share Your Knowledge to Curb Carbon Emissions at F&ES

A Call to Action: Share Your Knowledge to Curb Carbon Emissions at F&ES

We are at an auspicious moment in the global movement to address the affliction of excessive carbon emissions. The signs of change are present in all major sectors of our society as seen through:

  • The outcome during the COP21 climate talks in Paris
  • Pope Francis’ “Laudato Si” climate encyclical
  • The newly introduced Yale Carbon Charge project
  • … and much more.

    In the spirit of “Carpe Diem” the Kroon Carbon Team is proposing that we, as a community of diverse yet like-minded individuals, come together in an effort to share our collective knowledge on how to address this carbon challenge and take action to reduce our school’s carbon emissions.

    Our call to action for you is to:

    1. Communicate your knowledge of how we can succeed at cutting our school’s carbon emissions. Post a blog, give an interview, make a video, or write a full-length article on what you know about carbon. Our combined knowledge on this subject is of global value and we believe a concerted effort to aggregate and disseminate information at this moment could determine the success of Yale’s Carbon Charge.

    2. Engage with the hands on effort to reduce our school’s carbon emissions. Turn off a light, a projector, a heater, or anything that uses energy! We are also looking to support your research projects and experiments that are focused on carbon emission reduction. We have the skills to demonstrate the success of community-based carbon reduction.

    Let’s lead the charge on carbon!

    To learn more about the carbon charge and share your knowledge visit the Kroon Carbon Challenge on Facebook or the Yale Carbon Charge Web site.


    The Kroon Carbon Team