SAGE Stories

SAGE Stories

Authored by Sundara Bhandaram (MEM Candidate, Class of 2020)

“Thank Goodness I’m a Forester” has been an integral part of the social fabric of F&ES. As such, even within the bounds of social distancing the school has found a way for students to continue having TGIFs. This past Friday, members of the F&ES community got together for a Zoom TGIF session and were able to individually pick up free meals from local New Haven restaurants!

In addition to getting together to celebrate the end of the Semester, students were entertained by the first ever virtual rendition of “SAGE Stories”. Every semester SAGE Magazine holds a “SAGE Stories” storytelling series which allows the community comes together to listen, be heard, and connect. Each series has a unique theme which allows participants to hone and craft their stories. The theme of the 2020 Spring series was “Diversion”, which feels very apt given the state of the world. These heartwarming and hilarious stories were the perfect way to end a semester full of diversion. A few memorable moments from the night included:

Bridget Gilmore

Bridget Gilmore shared her experience as a Harry Potter “professor” during her time as a camp counselor. Her connection between her love of Herbology and choosing to attend F&ES made perfect sen

Katie Pofahl

Katie Pofahl regaled folks with her tale of adventuring through the Salinas River. There was even a special guest star, John Steinbeck (aka her lovely husband Andy Crutchfield) who shared a snippet from East of Eden.

Hope Bigda-Peyton

Hope Bigda-Peyton shared her shocking, hilarious, and serendipitous adventure of leaving Peru amidst a country wide shut down of international travel.


Ben Christensen

Ben Christensen took us on a roller coaster ride of how one wrong email sent him on a months long adventure with the Yale Precision Marching Band (YPMB). Which ultimately culminated with a chance encounter with his Yale College YPMB doppelganger Ben Christensen.


Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson took us back to the year 2012 and shared her encounter with her high school crush Bryce Harper!

Sean Bogle

There was even a special guest star! Sean Bogle the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs closed the show with his story of diversions and obstacles on his path towards the completion of his PhD. These heartwarming and hilarious stories were the perfect way to end a semester full of diversion.