Virtual Conference Highlights

Authored by Liz Plascencia (MEM Candidate, Class of 2022)

As a first-year Master of Environmental Management (MEM) candidate at the Yale School of Environment (YSE) in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic – it’s safe to say that this has been an incredibly unique semester. From virtual community building events, online trivia parties, and more, but I’m happy to share that our community is both creative and resilient.

YSE has been known to host internationally renowned leaders in the environmental field in the form of speaker series, panels, and conferences, and this semester was no different. If anything, we have been able to host more folks virtually by extending the invite to a wide range of individuals who may not have gotten the opportunity to visit us here…

Welcoming the newest YSE admissions ambassador, Liz Plascencia!

Authored by Liz Plascencia (MEM Candidate, Class of 2022)


My name is Liz Plascencia (she/her/hers) and I am a first-year Master of Environmental Management (MEM) from Los Angeles, California. As a Queer, Latinx, First-Generation Mexican American – I am extremely interested in the intersectionality of environmental issues while considering the nexus between climate solutions, racial equity, and justice. At the Yale School of Environment (YSE), I am specializing in Water Resource Science and Management. I am hoping to better understand coastal climate adaptation and mitigation planning efforts, while considering the_DSC5795 lens of environmental justice within urban populations.

Before coming to YSE, I was working on coastal stewardship through climate mitigation and adaptation in the South Pacific (i.e. Hawaiian…