Admitted Student Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions decisions have been released and we have been receiving some great questions. While there are many events coming up for both admitted and prospective students, we wanted to share some of the most common questions answered by Liz Plascencia (MEM Candidate, 2022)


Local Salt Marsh, CT, Coastal Ecosystems field trip

YSE Frequently Asked Questions

What has been the format of your courses during COVID? Can you tell me more about how hybrid and virtual classes have been? 

During the COVID 19 pandemic, most of my coursework has been online (Zoom) lecture/seminar with a small mix of in-person engagement opportunities. This mixed format of both in-person and online is considered “hybrid”. In the fall, I enrolled in ENV 712: Coastal Ecosystems which was marketed as a hybrid course. In this class, the lecture component was held online via Zoom and the “field component” remained safely outdoors, at a distance, and all participants were masked. 

Where do YSE students tend to live? Is it important to live near the YSE community? Close to the school? Do any students commute into school from outside of New Haven?

There is no one place where YSE students choose to live; however, the majority of students live in a neighborhood called East Rock, a mile northeast of Kroon (the main YSE building). Living near classmates can be convenient for gathering after school hours or on weekends, though, living geographically apart from the community will not necessarily limit your access to classmates outside of Kroon.

East Rock Neighborhood

East Rock Neighborhood

How much should I expect to pay each month for rent in New Haven? Are some neighborhoods cheaper than others?

Depending on your interests (studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, etc.) students can expect to pay ~$750-1200 USD for monthly housing rental rates. Within the East Rock neighborhood, many graduate students prefer to house together (4-5 students) and split the costs of larger housing accommodations.

Do I need a car while living in New Haven? Are the city and campus fairly walkable, if not?

No, you certainly do not need to have a car in New Haven. Campus is very walkable, and transitions right into the downtown New Haven area. There are also bike paths to help you get safely across campus faster! 

I plan to bring my cat and/or dog with me. Will there be a community of cat and dog friends at YSE?

YES, pets are welcome! However, you will have to check-in with your building landlord to verify if your specific living quarters allow pets. Check out the Yale Divinity School Dog Park to meet up with other dog owners in the community!

I am a runner and/or a biker. Does New Haven have good places to run and bike? How physically active is the YSE community more generally?


Biking through East Rock Park!

Absolutely! East Rock Park is a great outdoor space within a 15-20 minute walk or bike from campus. It offers trail runs, hikes, basketball courts, playgrounds, tennis courts, bike paths, and more. Another great recreational space is the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail, which cuts right through campus. 

What types of hobbies are common among YSEers? Will I have time outside of class to pursue my hobbies?

YSEers do it all. We’re climbers, bakers, long-distance runners, bird watchers, surfers, skiers, artists, musicians, and more. Check out the list of YSE Student Interest Groups (SIG) or student-led clubs to find a cohort of fellow Foodies, GIS enthusiasts, or acapella group with a flair of Forestry. 

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Kroon Hall

 What types of restaurants and grocery stores are near YSE? Is it best to bring lunch to school each day or are there dining options nearby?

Across the street from Kroon Hall (YSE Main building) there are food trucks offering Thai, Mexican, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines around the lunchtime hours. It’s a great option for food on-the-go! There are also bagel shops, delis, cafes, and pizza joints all within a short 5-10 minute walk from campus. 

Taking a brisk fall walk through old Yale campus

Taking a brisk fall walk through old Yale campus

What types of social events are there for YSE students? Are there any YSE sponsored social events or activities?

Due to the pandemic, Yale University has had to cut back on in-person engagement opportunities to keep our students, staff, and faculty and the larger New Haven community safe. However, that hasn’t stopped the Forestry Club from hosting virtual trivia nights, game nights, and mixers on their famous TGIF (Thank God I’m a Forester) events hosted on Friday nights. It’s a great opportunity to connect with your YSE community in a safe way. 

My partner will be joining me during my time in New Haven. Is there a community of YSE couples that exists? How welcoming is the community toward partners in general?

Yes! Since this is a professional degree program, there are many students who travel to New Haven with longtime partners and sometimes even spouses! The community is very accepting of all partnerships, including LGBTQIA+ couples. For more information about queer community, please check out YSE’s Queer Affinity group Out In the Woods or the Office of LGBT Resources at Yale University. 

How easy is it to travel to nearby major cities such as New York and Boston? Do students often travel outside of New Haven?

Traveling to nearby towns and cities is very simple and convenient. There is a train station within a 20-30 minute walk from campus where you can take public transportation straight to NYC (1 hr 45 min – one way) or Boston (2 hr 30 min – one way). 

 Summit of East Rock Park hike overlooking Yale University

Summit of East Rock Park hike overlooking Yale University