ENV 695a () / 2021-2022

Yale Forest Forum Speaker Series: The Future of Wood Building Products in a Changing Climate: Mass Timber and Biomaterials

Credits: 1
Fall 2021: Th, 11:30-12:50, Marsh Classroom

The Forest School and the Center for Industrial Ecology at the Yale School of Environment have developed a seminar for Fall 2021 examining The Future Role of Solid Wood Products in a Changing Climate, including a wide range of perspectives and experiences from around the world.  The seminar is offered to YSE/Yale students for one credit and co-led by Dr. Mark Ashton, Dr. Yuan Yao, Dr. Barbara Reck and Gary Dunning.  The course is guest lecture/discussion based and includes a weekly public presentation hosted by the Yale Forest Forum (YFF). 

This course is being developed as the first in a four seminar series focused on forest products in a changing Climate.  Other themes include: Pulp and Paper; Industrial Plantations; and BioEnergy. 

Guest speakers will describe their personal and organizational experience with solid wood products
Seminar Timing: Thursdays 11:30-12:10 (Public presentation), 12:10 - 12:50 (Course discussion with registered YSE students).  All times ET.