ENV 770b () / 2021-2022

Western Lands and Communities Field Clinic: Research to Practice

Credits: 3

Spring 2022: O, based on student schedules, TBA

This project-based course is for students engaged in basic research, humanities study, applied management, and/or conservation policy in Western U.S. landscapes. Western lands and communities face a host of growing ecological, economic, and social equity problems that require integrated solutions. Either individually or in teams, students will work closely with the professor and/or practitioner-clients (e.g., land trusts, federal land agencies, Native Nations, local governments, NGOs, etc.) to conduct self-driven scholarly research or complete a self-driven applied project. Research-oriented students will learn and apply skills for data collection, analysis, and scholarly writing for publication. Applied students have a clinic-oriented option that will be self-driven, to design and carry out a client-based project with concrete deliverables. The course includes a mandatory field trip to the Intermountain West during the first or second week of spring break. As such, the course is capped at 12 and requires an application.

Application process: Write an email with the subject "Field Course Application" to Justin Farrell (justin.farrell@yale.edu) explaining in less than 300 words in total: (1) Name, degree program, year. (2) Per the course description, what is your specific project? (3) What is your intended end-of-the-semester deliverable for this project? (4) How will this field-based clinic benefit your project? (5) How does this course align with your future professional goals?
Application due date: ASAP, but no later than January 7