ENV 955a,b () / 2021-2022

Seminar in Research Analysis, Writing and Communication in Forest Ecology

Credits: 1 or 3
Fall 2021: W, 4:00-6:50, Marsh 12
Spring 2022: W, 5:30-8:20, Marsh Rotunda


A seminar conducted over both academic semesters for students in their second year working on research projects.Students start by working through the peer-review publication process. They identify the scope and scale of the approporiate journal for their work. They then work on their projects that comprise data and projects in applied forest ecology. Discussions in the seminar involve rationale and hypothesis testing for a project, data analysis techniques, reporting and interpretation of results. It is expected that manuscripts developed in the course are worthy of publication and that oral presentations are of a caliber for subject area conferences and meetings. Extensive training in writing and presenting is provided as the students learn to write and present their work

1 credit option available for incoming students only. Must be taken for 3 credits to count as a capstone course.

Prerequisites for ENV 955:
ENV 659: The Practice of Silviculture: Principles in Applied Forest Ecology (Friday field trips)

Limited to 12