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Yale Forest Forum - Forest Remediation and Communal Life: Restoring the Sumak Kawsay in Ecuadorian Amazonia with Ana Maria Duran Calisto from Yale School of Architecture

Thursday, November 18th, 2021 11:30am — 12:15pm
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The well-being of the rain forests of Amazonia is inseparable from the well-being of
the biome’s original nations. Their ancestors, as archaeological and biogeographical
studies are demonstrating, have extensively contributed to shape and build a monumental
ecology characterized by a high degree of cultural and biological diversity.
Currently, indigenous territories tend to correlate with healthy, productive, and
well managed forests. Simultaneously, they continue to face the threats posed by
the advance of mining (formal and informal), fossil-fuel extraction, illegal logging,
ranching and mono-culture plantations. Mass-timber construction, if managed in a
timely and responsible fashion from a communal base, offers a unique opportunity
for forest remediation (polycultures) and the improvement of local economies. In
this presentation, I would like to tell the story of Mushullakta and its symbiotic relationship
with Humans for Abundance. Their experience with chakra reintroduction
is a story of hope for the future of Amazonia and our planet.
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