Matthew J. Kotchen
Professor of Economics
Yale University
Kroon Hall Room 226
195 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511

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Working Papers


On the Feasibility, Costs, and Benefits of an Immediate Phaseout of Coal for U.S. Electricity Generation
Working Paper (2023), with S. Holland, E. Mansur, and A Yates.

Is the Emphasis on Cofinancing Good for Environmental Multilateral Funds?
NBER Working Paper 31485 (2023), with A. Vogt.

Ephemeral Stream Water Contributions to the United States Drainage Networks
Working Paper (2023), with C. Brinkerfoff, C. Gleason, D. Kysar, and P. Raymond.

The Costs of “Costless” Climate Mitigation
Working Paper (2023), with J. Rising and G. Wagner.

Taxing Externalities: Revenue vs. Welfare Gains with and Application to Carbon Taxes
NBER Working Paper 30321 (2022).