The computational core of LoadRunner is the LOADEST program, developed at USGS, by Robert L. Runkel, Charles G. Crawford, and Timothy A. Cohn.

Funding for LoadRunner was generously provided by NSF-Ecosystems through a CAREER grant, and by the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Science. The Intel Mac port was funded by the Woods Hole Research Center's NSF-funded Student Partners Project (www.studentpartnersproject.org).

LoadRunner was written by Ginger Booth, a freelance programmer, per specification by Peter Raymond and Neung-Hwan Oh, of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Science. Robert Max Holmes of Woods Hole commissioned the Intel Mac ports of LoadRunner and LOADEST.

LoadRunner is essentially glueware to automate running LOADEST from USGS data, which comes from the USGS websites:

Citing LoadRunner

If you wish to cite LoadRunner in your work, thank you. The citation information, to be formatted however a journal wants it, is:

In most cases, a citation for LoadRunner would be incomplete without also citing LOADEST:

Ginger Booth for Peter Raymond, November, 2007