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I am a PhD candidate in the combined doctoral degree program between the School of the Environment and Department of Anthropology. My work is situated at the intersection of the anthropology of demography, feminist political ecology, and feminist science and technology studies. My dissertation examines the politics of fertility from above and below, exploring how discourses and knowledge of fertility collide with the realities of women's reproductive lives. Using ethnographic research methods, I study the perspectives of social demographers in the United States alongside the perspectives of women, environmentalists, and family planning practitioners within one of the largest family planning initiatives in sub-Sahran Africa, located in Madagascar. 

Languages: English (native), French (native), Malagasy (proficient)


Lefèvre, Manon. (2021). “You’ll Find Him in the Sea” in Critical Restoration Geographies. [Symposium]. Ed. Christian Keeve, Erin Clancy, Karen S. Kinslow, and Kallista Bley. Antipode Online.

Osborne, Tracey, Samara Brock, Robin Chazdon, Susan Chomba, Eva Garen, Victoria Gutierrez, Rebecca Lave, Manon Lefevre, and Juanita Sundberg. 2021. “The Political Ecology Playbook for Ecosystem Restoration: Principles for Effective, Equitable, and Transformative Landscapes.” Global Environmental Change 70 (September): 102320.

Dove, Michael R., Amy Johnson, Manon Lefevre, Paul Burow, Wen Zhou, and Lav Kanoi. 2019. “Who Is the Commons: Defining Community, Commons, and Time in Long-Term Natural Resource Management.” In Global Perspectives on Long Term Community Resource Management, edited by Ludomir R. Lozny and Thomas H. McGovern, 23–40. Studies in Human Ecology and Adaptation. Cham: Springer International Publishing.

Ph.D. Yale University (expected 2024)

M.Phil. Yale University (2021)

M.A. Geography, University of Kentucky (2018)

B.A. Environmental Studies and French Studies, Wesleyan University (2014)

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