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Water Scarcity and Inflexible Demand Puts World’s River Basins at Risk — Read the story →


The Yale School of the Environment conducts world-leading research that advances understanding in the many dimensions of sustainability, crossing multiple disciplines and scales from local to global, from urban to rural and from managed to wild.

Faculty Expertise

The School’s faculty conducts original, path-breaking research across a range of topics and disciplines, creating new knowledge and innovative analyses in the areas of biodiversity, forestry, global climate, industry, law and economics, urban systems, water, and social ecology.
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Ph.D. Program

Across the world, across landscapes and across disciplines, our more than 75 doctoral students are working collaboratively with the School’s world-renowned faculty to design cutting-edge research projects that aim to understand and solve complex environmental challenges.

M.E.Sc. Program

The Master of Environmental Science (M.E.Sc.)  program provides a deep disciplinary focus on environmental issues, combining training in the philosophy and practice of science with extensive research that contributes toward basic and applied knowledge.

M.F.S. Program

Our storied history began more than 100 years ago, as a forestry school. Master of Forestry Science (M.F.S.) students continue to build upon that legacy, conducting innovative research on the management and policy of forest resources across a wide array of ecosystems.


Learning Communities

Created in support of academic programs, these communities coalesce research, events, and news related to several areas of expertise within YSE.