At Yale, we believe that sustainability depends on the entire university community...We have a responsibility to future genorations to ensure that sustainable pratices are at the heart of our university.
— Letter from President Peter Salovey, August 2013

The Environmental Stewardship Committee (ESC) is dedicated to implementing the Yale Sustainability Strategic PlanThe Sustainability Strategic Plan for 2013-2016 is divided into 5 meta-categories:

At the ESC, we focus our efforts on these meta-categories of the Yale Sustainability Strategic Plan and work on implementing sustainability initiatives at the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (F&ES) in addition to collaborating with the Yale Office of Sustainability and other professional schools. F&ES is uniquely positioned to serve as a leader of environmental innovation and stewardship that sets a positive precedent for the rest of the University. The ESC strives to ensure that F&ES plays a leadership role in promoting environmental stewardship throughout the University.

Who we are: Meet the Environmental Stewardship Committee

JamesBall Photo

James Ball

James loves making building better. He believes our built environment will undergo a major evolution within our lifetimes, and he hopes to play a part. He worked for Habitat for Humanity for five years, supervising construction, bandaging hammered thumbs, and developing the affiliate’s sustainability practices. Highlight projects include two net zero energy homes, one of which was built in 5 days. 
LinsdayToland Photo

Lindsay Toland

Linsday is a second-year Master of Environmental Management student at YSE. She is interested in occupant engagement in the urban built environment. Before starting her graduate work, she was employed at the Yale University Press for eight years. She also worked extensively with New Haven Farms, a local urban agriculture organization promoting healthy behaviors through community gardening and nutrition education. As a member of the ESC, Lindsay is developing waste management initiatives and has written the Sustainability Action Plan for the School of the Environment. 
KathyTsantiris Photo

Kathy Tsantiris

Kathy is a second year Masters of Environmental Management Student at F&ES, and she is focusing on water resources management and sustainable food systems. Prior to coming to F&ES, Kathy worked for an organization in Vietnam that promotes sustainable fisheries and aquaculture management. As a member of the ESC, Kathy is focused on water use and outreach and communication. 
LisaVeliz Photo

Lisa Veliz

Lisa is a first-year Masters of Environmental Management Student. Her background is in environmental engineering and environmental science education. She is particularly interested in the intersections of operations efficiency, material flows and life cycle assessment. You can often find her sorting through recycling bins to make sure that waste is in its proper place. “Some people think it’s weird,” she says, “I just embrace it.”
StefanieWnuck photo

Stefanie Wnuck

Stefanie is a first-year Masters of Environmental Management Student and a Connecticut native. She is excited to join the team and help to expand current sustainability initiatives. Prior to coming to Yale, Stefanie worked at an environmental nonprofit promoting product stewardship and recycling policies for a range of consumer products. When she is not focused on reducing waste on campus or studying climate change policy, Stefanie enjoys traveling, hiking and taking advantage of the perks of being a New Englander. 

Staff and Faculty Members of the Environmental Stewardships Committee

Melanie Quigley, Advisor
Lisa Fernandez
Sarah Smiley-Smith
Gordon Geballe
Judy Crocker
Jordan Holsinger
Amber Garrard
Tracey Finer
Jessica Foote
Jason Fleming