Environmental Data Science at Yale Student Interest Group (EDSY)


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EDSY will support students interested in using big data, machine learning, and software computing techniques to explore solutions to environmental problems. By inviting outside lecturers and analysts, EDSY will enhance YSE students’ exposure to novel data sources and techniques, while providing guidance for skills-, project- and career development. In time, EDSY will partner with CSSSI to design topical software workshops that are well-suited to the types of environmental problems YSE students are most motivated to address. EDSY will also serve as a knowledge and skills sharing community for those interested in collaborating on various computing projects or learning software languages from one another. Since many YSE students have professional or research experience through which they gained intimate knowledge of publicly available databases, EDSY will let students register themselves as knowledge resources for the datasets they are most experienced with, allowing them to mentor their peers. The wealth of shared knowledge will empower all members of EDSY to investigate questions that any member has familiarity with.

SIG Leaders

Tanya Sinha   tanya.sinha@yale.edu
Vania Farid   vania.farid@yale.edu

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