Working closely with the Yale Center for Industrial Ecology (CIE), the Industrial Environmental Management and Energy (IEME) SIG aims to provide students with a community wherein issues of industrial ecology, corporate environmental management, energy and transportation be explored in a manner that is not possible in the classroom. This group attracts students from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors who are interested in working with industry to improve environmental quality.

Industrial ecology is an organizing concept that is increasingly applied to define various interactions of technological society with both natural and altered biophysical environments. A working definition of industrial ecology is that it addresses ways in which human production and consumption can be made more sustainable. Technology and its potential for modification and change are central to this topic, as are implications for government policy and corporate response.

SIG activities include: Facility site visits; student mentoring events with faculty and industry professionals; social mixers; resume book that is distributed to CIE industry contacts; professional skills training courses.

SIG Leaders

Shubhra Verma
Urvi Talaty
Julia Nojeim


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