Outdoor Recreation SIG

The Outdoor Rec Industry has become one of the biggest stakeholders in  the environmental movement. Contributing domestically to 7.6 million  jobs and $887 billion in consumer spending, the outdoor recreation  industry has become a political force with widespread leverage to shape  environmental policy. Brands like Patagonia, REI, The North Face, CLIF,  Klean Kanteen and others have expanded their footprint beyond business  as usual, promoting initiatives that demonstrate environmental  responsibility as part of their framework. At YSE, students want to work  for these companies. Each year, students seek internships and  employment to gain experience in topics like life cycle assessment,  carbon footprinting, environmental social governance, environmental  policy, stakeholder management and others.

The Outdoor Rec Industry SIG aims to provide a space for FE&S students to discuss the outdoor industry, diving in its impacts and opportunities for the environment. Topics will cover sustainability in supply chains, innovations in materials, inclusion policies, among many others. It will also bring students together explore the outdoor recreation opportunities of the Northeast, share past stories, gain outdoor skills, and provide a respite from the stress of academic life.

SIG Leaders

Chris Perkins    chris.perkins@yale.edu
Erin Eck    erin.eck@yale.edu

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