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The YSE chapter of the Yale Environmental Law Association (YELA-YSE) is a hub for students interested in all aspects of environmental law and policy. YELA places special emphasis on the interdisciplinary, multifaceted character of environmental law and its relevance to a wide range of legal and policy issues.

YELA-YSE hosts conversations with academic and professional experts, provides pedagogical and professional resources to students, and enriches the school calendar withcommunity events, speakers, and opportunities to connect and collaborate with other campus groups. As one of its primary functions, YELA-YSE joins the Yale Law School chapter to design, host, and run the New Directions in Environmental Law Conference (NDEL), which is held alternately at YSE and at YLS each spring. Through the annual conference, a reading group, and other activities, YELA helps grow and develop the field of environmental law by more successfully integrating science and policy studies with a sustained partnership between the School of Forestry and Law School communities.

Contact one of the leaders to get on the list if you are interested in:
  • Meeting YSE, YLS, and Joint Degree students with interests in environmental law and policy.
  • Helping to organize parts of the NDEL Annual Conference
  • Joining the Environmental Law Reading Group (open to all, possibly for credit)

SIG Leaders

Emma Lagle    emma.lagle@yale.edu
Andrea Cruz    andrea.cruz@yale.edu
Hope Bigda-Peyton    hope.bigda-peyton@yale.edu
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