ENV 632a/MGT 612 () / 2023-2024

Social Entrepreneurship Lab

Credits: 3
Fall 2023: M, 4:10-7:10pm, EVANS 4220

ENV 632 is only open to students at the Yale School of the Environment. YSE students should send a request to enroll to Prof. Chahine. teresa.chahine@yale.edu

Social Entrepreneurship Lab is a practice-based course in which students from across campus form interdisciplinary teams to work on a social challenge of their choice. Teams include students from SOM, SPH, YSE, YDS, Jackson, and other schools and programs. Students apply the ten stage framework from the textbook “Social Entrepreneurship: Building Impact Step by Step” to identify, understand, and tackle a social or environmental challenge. Students start by identifying a topic area of focus, then form teams based on shared interests and complementary skills. Over the course of thirteen weeks, student teams delve into understanding the challenge through root cause analysis, research on existing solutions and populations affected; then apply human centered design thinking and systems thinking to design, prototype, test, and iterate solutions. This course builds on the SOM core course Innovator, and electives including Public Health Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship, Global Social Entrepreneurship, Managing Social Enterprises, Patterns in Entrepreneurship. Students who have not taken one of these courses must demonstrate experience with innovation and entrepreneurship either through professional experience or participation in extra-curricular programming through Innovate Health Yale (IHY at SPH), Program on Social Enterprise (PSE at SOM), Center for Business and the Environment (CBEY at YSE), Yale Center for Collaborative Arts and Media (CCAM), Dwight Hall, or Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (CITY). 
Limited to 5