ENV 641a (Online) / 2024-2025

Market-Based Mechanisms for Water Management

Credits: 3
Teaching Mode: Online
Fall 2024: Th, 1:00-3:50, Remote

Online Course

This course provides students with both the theory and application of environmental water transactions (EWTs) to water management challenges, such as river restoration, drought-mitigation, and agricultural allocation. The geographic focus is primarily the western United States, as this region, out of necessity, has been very active in implementing EWTs in recent years. Other market-based mechanisms for water management also are explored, such as groundwater mitigation banks, urban stormwater markets, and water quality markets. The course also covers considerations such as environmental justice, tribal access to and use of water, and diversity/equity/inclusion in water management. A final project will give students the opportunity to develop a simple hydrological and water rights model for a fictional watershed to use as the basis for designing a suite of water transactions and market-based water management solutions. This is an online course taught by experienced professionals who value a hands-on approach to learning. In addition, the course will feature discussion of current events in water, case studies, and guest lectures from practitioners actively using market-based mechanisms for water management.