ENV 730b () / 2023-2024

Environmental Data Science in R: Understanding Methane Dynamics

Credits: 3

Spring 2024: Tu, 2:30-5:20, Kroon G01

Over a 100-year timeframe CH4is 28-34 times more effective at trapping heat in the atmosphere compared to an equivalent mass of CO2and accounts for ∼42 % of warming since the pre-industrial period (IPCC, 2021). To date we have caused about 1.3°C of warming and with this we have observed changes in the productivity of natural and managed ecosystems and an increase in extreme events that could lead to further increases in carbon (C) emissions (IPCC 2021). To prepare for an uncertain future, we are looking to understand how surface processes influence atmospheric composition of CH4by developing dynamic models. In this course we will work with different data sources to design models that will allow us to evaluate ch4 dynamics in natural ecosystems.
Limited to 15