ENV 736a () / 2023-2024

Impacts of Climate Change on Freshwater Ecosystems

Credits: 3
Fall 2023: Tu,Th, 5:30-8:20, Kroon 319

This course is a graduate-level ecology course on impacts and responses to global change, especially climate change, of freshwater ecosystems, including lakes, rivers, and wetlands. The course will provide an overview of several major global change threats, such as pollution, emerging diseases, hydrologic alteration, species introductions, urbanization, and land-use change, which gives context to the relative importance of climate change as a global-change driver in freshwater ecosystems. The course will then cover changes in the hydrologic cycle, temperature, and extreme events attributed to climate change and their impacts in different settings where freshwater ecosystems occur. The course will also cover the ecosystem services provided by freshwater ecosystems, how they are threatened by global change, and strategies for mitigating and adapting to these threats.

Impacts of Climate Change on Freshwater Systems is capped at 20 students. Priority (in order) will be given to YSE students in their second year or beyond, YSE students in their first year, students from other Yale graduate schools, and finally Yale College students. Final enrollment decisions will be shared by August 27.
Limited to twenty