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Students taking research samples in salt marsh
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Masters Student Conference Fund

The Masters Student Conference Funds are available to support student participation in scientific and professional conferences and meetings that advance their professional preparation and networks. The application process is competitive and awards are not guaranteed. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and funds are limited, students should carefully consider their submissions and ensure that they BRIEFLY articulate how attendance contributes to their academic and professional goals.

Students should understand that they are eligible to receive one award each academic year (July 1 through June 30), with a maximum of $300 available for those wishing to attend an event as a participant (not presenting), and a maximum of $500 available for those presenting at an event. Events are counted toward the fiscal year (July 1- June 30) in which they occur, so students who apply in the spring for a fall meeting, would have it counted against the future fiscal year. Graduating students can only receive funds for events taking place before June 1 of the year they graduate. Participants must provide a justified budget. To apply, submit your materials here. If you would like to discuss your plans before you submit your materials, please reach out to