ENV 758b () / 2023-2024

Multivariate Data Analysis in the Environmental Sciences

Credits: 3

Spring 2024: Tu,Th, 1:00-2:15, Burke


An introduction to the analysis of multivariate data. Topics include multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA), principal components analysis, cluster analysis, canonical correlation, ordination methods including multidimensional scaling, discriminate analysis, factor analysis, and structural equations modeling. Emphasis is placed on practical application of multivariate techniques to a variety of examples in the natural and social sciences. Students are required to select a dataset early in the term for use throughout the term. There are regular assignments and a final project. Extensive use of computers is required—students may use any combination of R, SAS, SPSS, MINITAB, and STATA. Three hours lecture/discussion.

Prerequisites for ENV 758:
ENV 728: Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis in the Environmental Sciences
or equivalent coursework.