ENV 796b () / 2021-2022

Biopolitics of Human-Nonhuman Relations

Credits: 3

Spring 2022: Th, 4:00-6:50, Kroon 321

Seminar on the “post-humanist” turn toward multispecies ethnography. Section I, introduction to the course.  Section II, the ontological turn: multispecies ethnography; and ecology and human consciousness; Section III, fauna: human-animal conflict?; hunting and politics; and the bushmeat ‘crisis’.  Section IV, flora: ‘weedy/invasive/pest’ species; and ethnobotany.  Section V, the long and broad view: the history of natural history; and the classics.  Section VI, class contributions: student-selected readings; student presentations of seminar papers; and lecture by teaching fellow.  Enrollment capped.
Enrollment capped