ENV 814a/MGT 563 () / 2024-2025

Energy Systems Analysis

Credits: 3
Fall 2024: M,W, 9:00-10:20, Burke


This 3-credit lecture course offers an overview of all aspects of energy systems and their interaction with society and the environment. The course will provide students with a comprehensive theoretical and empirical knowledge base about energy systems in the world. This course will describe and explain the basics of energy and the laws that govern it, the different components of an energy system (supply technologies, delivery systems, and demand), the institutions that govern the energy sectors, the role of energy in development, its impact on climate change and an understanding of the key challenges of an energy transition towards a sustainable future. The course will have a specific emphasis on electricity systems, how they are operated and governed, and how they have to be transformed to tackle climate change. Students will receive a unique exposure to energy issues in the Global South. This course will provide students with basic analytical tools and knowledge to formulate and solve energy-related decisions at an individual, national and global scale, and to understand and critique ongoing policy dialogues on energy and climate.