ENV 977a () / 2021-2022

Nature Based Carbon Solutions in the Urban Realm: The Yale Campus as a Case Study

Credits: 3
Fall 2021: Tu, 9:00-11:50, Sage 32

This integrative capstone course will broadly explore how urban areas can be designed to enlist their natural biophysical features (soils, vegetation, and biodiversity) to enhance natural carbon storage. Students will work collaboratively to develop the final product of the course:  a nature-based carbon storage plan for the Yale campus and natural lands.  Students will learn fundamental scientific principles of the carbon cycle and learn to apply the principles to leverage urban natural biophysical features to facilitate carbon capture and storage.  Students will further learn to conduct economic analysis and financial accounting of carbon storage as investments to offset urban emissions.  Finally, students will meet with Yale campus planners and land managers to learn about the kinds of information needed to formulate actionable policy to maximize carbon storage on the Yale campus and natural lands as an offset to Yale’s carbon emissions.