ENV 990a,b/Law 30241 () / 2023-2024

Climate, Animals, Food, and Environment Law & Policy Lab — by Application

Credits: 3
Fall 2023: M, 6:10-8:00, SLB - TBD
Spring 2024: M, 6:10-8:00, SLB - TBD

The Spring 2024 offering of the Climate, Animals, Food & Environment (CAFE) Law & Policy Lab will have a limited number of additional spots available for non-law students to work on innovative litigation and legislation/policy actions. Representative projects include:
  • Working with a unique national multi-sector, multi-racial coalition to devise legislative proposals to advance food system reform at the state and local levels
  • Advancing a statutory climate adaptation litigation theory that has untapped potential to address the environmental risks of confined animal feeding operations
  • Supporting a food system litigation organization in exploring consumer protection claims relating to climate misrepresentations by animal agriculture producers
  • Developing innovative legal and advocacy strategies grounded in financial climate risk to animal agriculture companies, including relating to shareholder rights, securities law, financial instruments, and supply chains
If you are interested in applying, please send your resume and a brief (1-2 paragraph) statement of interest to daina.bray@yale.edu by the end of the day on Tuesday, January 9, 2024.