Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Group (ENRE)

Welcome to the Environmental and Natural Resource Economics website at Yale University’s School of the Environment (YSE).  We have a very active group of researchers in environmental and natural resource economics with broad interests ranging from valuation of environmental damages to natural resource management to the economics of energy.  Between seminars and courses at YSE and throughout Yale, the environmental and natural resource economics community is a vibrant place to study and do research.  Indeed, researchers at Yale School of the Environment often publish in the top journals in economics and environmental economics.

We accept a limited number of Ph.D. and Masters of Environmental Science students and provide extensive support and guidance.  In addition, there are several postdoctoral opportunities for outstanding candidates to work with the environmental economics faculty at Yale School of the Environment.  Graduate students in environmental economics are provided with a rigorous training in economic theory and econometrics while also given the tools for an interdisciplinary approach to environmental and natural resource management.  Throughout their time at Yale, environmental economics students work closely with their faculty advisors to ensure specialized preparation for individual research interests.  Through this training, our graduates are well prepared to tackle the world’s most pressing environmental and natural resource challenges.  Our graduates have gone on to enjoy distinguished careers across the professional spectrum including academia, governmental organizations, and private corporations.