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Prospective Students

PhD Students

I am currently looking for smart, accomplished, hard-working students to learn under my direction.  My doctoral students develop their own research projects and work as independently as they are able, supported by my experience, and laboratory and field capabilities.

Students are accepted to the FES doctoral program on the basis of their talent and training.  Most, but not all, applicants have previously earned a master’s degree or have equivalent experience, perhaps as reflected by authorship of peer-reviewed publications.  Information about applying can be found here

Successful applicants receive a tuition waiver and a stipend to provide living expenses for 5 years. If you are interested please be sure to email Gabe at this address, not at  Send a résumé and a brief statement on your research interests.

Master's Students

YSE follows a professional school model, and most students are seeking a terminal professional degree, though some go on to doctoral study.  Tuition waivers and stipends are generally not provided in this program, though generous financial aid packages are available in many cases (contact the financial aid office). 

The Master of Environmental Science (MESc) is our research degree, and students in this program work closely with a faculty member to design and execute an independent project.  The product should be of publishable quality, though a thesis is not required.  If you are interested in earning an MESc under my guidance, contact me, as students are not accepted into this degree program without the concurrence of a faculty advisor.  General information on admissions to the master’s program is available here.

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