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LoadRunner calculates daily, monthly, and annual element fluxes, from USGS water quality sample and streamflow data.

New 2011/10/13:
LoadRunner v 1.2b supports Mac OSX Lion.

LoadRunner is a utility for automating runs of LOADEST, a USGS program that finds a best fit data model for flux as a function of discharge, then extrapolates these relationships to estimate flux from daily flow data. LoadRunner's inputs are water quality and flow data, readily available from the USGS webservers. Loadrunner can determine fluxes and average concentrations for multiple sites in a single run.

LoadRunner was developed at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Science, to support Peter Raymond's research. Support also came from the Woods Hole Research Center's NSF-funded Student Partners Project (www.studentpartnersproject.org). People involved:

Download & install LoadRunner:

Installation notes:

  • Save the file to desktop, and double-click to install.
  • Prerequisite: Java 1.4 or higher (from java.sun.com).
Uninstall notes:
  • This removes the software, but not your runs. After uninstall, you need to manually delete C:\Program Files\LoadRunner, or Applications/LoadRunner.app, or wherever you installed it.
Download old version 1.1b (Win)
Download old version 1.1b (Mac)
Download old version 1.2 (PPC)

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