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Kenneth Gillingham
Professor, Yale School of the Environment
E-mail: kenneth dot gillingham at yale dot edu

Research Interests

Environmental & Energy Economics, Industrial Organization, Public Economics, Empirical Methods,
Technological Change, Transportation Economics, Energy & Climate Policy Modeling


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Selected Economics Papers

Racial Disparities in the Health Effects from Air Pollution: Evidence from Ports (with Pei Huang)
Journal of Human Resources (2024), forthcoming
[Working Paper] [NBER Working Paper] [ZEW Working Paper]

Air Pollution and Solar Energy: Evidence from Wildfires (with Seung Min Kim)
Journal of the Association of Environmental & Resource Economists (2024), forthcoming
[Working Paper]

Carbon Pricing and the Emissions Implications of Electric Vehicles (with Marten Ovaere and Stephanie Weber)
Journal of the Association of Environmental & Resource Economists (2024), forthcoming
[Working Paper] [NBER Working Paper]

Peer-to-Peer Solar and Social Rewards: Evidence from a Field Experiment (with Stefano Carattini, Xiangyu Meng, and Erez Yoeli)
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (2024), forthcoming
[Final Working Paper] [Earlier Working Paper]

Has Consumer Acceptance of Electric Vehicles Been Increasing? Evidence from Microdata on Every New Vehicle Sale in the United States (with Arthur van Benthem, Stephanie Weber, Daly Saafi, and Xin He)
American Economic Association: Papers & Proceedings (2023), 113: 329-335
[Working Paper]

Quantifying the Benefits of the Introduction of the Hybrid Electric Vehicle (with Rich Langford)
International Journal of Industrial Organization (2023), 87: 102904
[Working Paper]

Equilibrium Trade in Automobile Markets (with Fedor Iskhakov, Anders Munk-Nielsen, John Rust, and Bertel Schjerning)
Journal of Political Economy (2022), 130(10): 2534 2593
[Published Version] [Working Paper] [NBER Working Paper]

What is the Value of Conformity? Evidence from Home Landscaping and Water Conservation (with Jesse Burkhardt, Nathan Chan, and Bryan Bollinger)
American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2022), 104(1): 228-248
[Published Version]

Consumer Myopia in Vehicle Purchases: Evidence from a Natural Experiment (with Sebastien Houde and Arthur van Benthem)
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy (2021), 13(3): 207-238
[Published Version] [Working Paper] [NBER Working Paper]

Attribute Substitution in Household Vehicle Portfolios (with Jim Archsmith, Chris Knittel, and Dave Rapson)
RAND Journal of Economics (2020), 51(4): 1162-1196
[Published Version] [Earlier Working Paper]

Peer Effects in Residential Water Conservation: Evidence from Migration (with Bryan Bollinger and Jesse Burkhardt)
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy (2020), 12(3): 107-133
[Published Version] [Final Working Paper] [NBER Working Paper] [Global Water Forum Post]

Hurdles and Steps: Estimating Demand for Solar Photovoltaics (with Tsvetan Tsvetanov)
Quantitative Economics (2019), 10(1): 275-310
[Published Version] [Final Working Paper]

A Tale of Two Tails: Commuting and the Fuel Price Response in Driving (with Anders Munk-Nielsen)
Journal of Urban Economics (2019), 109: 27-40
[Published Version] [Final Working Paper with Online Appendix]

Is Abundant Natural Gas a Bridge to a Low-Carbon Future or a Dead-end? (with Pei Huang)
Energy Journal (2019), 40(2): 75-100
[Published Version] [Final Working Paper] [Online Appendix]

The Costs of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions (with Jim Stock)
Journal of Economic Perspectives (2018), 32(5): 1-20
[Published Version] [Final Working Paper] [Errata]

Modeling Uncertainty in Integrated Assessment of Climate Change: A Multi-Model Comparison (with William Nordhaus et al.)
Journal of the Association of Environmental & Resource Economists (2018), 5(4): 791-826
[Published Version] [Final Working Paper] [Online Appendix] [Earlier Cowles Foundation Working Paper]

Nudging Energy Efficiency Audits: Evidence from a Field Experiment (with Tsvetan Tsvetanov)
Journal of Environmental Economics & Management (2018), 90: 303-316
[Published Version] [Final Working Paper]

The Rebound Effect and Energy Efficiency Policy (with David Rapson and Gernot Wagner)
Review of Environmental Economics & Policy (2016), 10(1): 68-88
[Published Version] [Final Working Paper] [Supplementary Materials] [RFF Discussion Paper]

Deconstructing Solar Photovoltaic Pricing: The Role of Market Structure, Technology, and Policy (with Hao Deng et al.)
Energy Journal (2016), 37(3): 231-250
[Published Version] [LBNL Working Paper]

The Microeconomic Theory of the Rebound Effect and its Welfare Implications (with Nathan W. Chan)
Journal of the Association of Environmental & Resource Economists (2015), 2(1): 133-159
[Published Version] [Working Paper Version]

Heterogeneity in the Response to Gasoline Prices: Evidence from Pennsylvania and Implications for the Rebound Effect (with Alan Jenn and Inês Azevedo)
Energy Economics (2015), 52(S1): S41-S52
[Published Version] [Working Paper with Online Appendix]

Spatial Patterns of Solar Photovoltaic System Adoption: The Influence of Neighbors and the Built Environment (with Marcello Graziano)
Journal of Economic Geography (2015), 15(4): 815-839
[Published Version] [Working Paper Version]

Bridging the Energy Efficiency Gap: Policy Insights from Economic Theory and Empirical Analysis (with Karen Palmer)
Review of Environmental Economics & Policy (2014), 8(1): 18-38
[Published Version] [RFF Discussion Paper Version]

Identifying the Elasticity of Driving: Evidence from a Gasoline Price Shock in California
Regional Science & Urban Economics (2014), 47(4): 13-24
[Published Version] [Working Paper Version]

Barriers to the Implementation of Low Carbon Technologies (with Jim Sweeney)
Climate Change Economics (2012), 3(4): 1-25
[Published Version] [Working Paper Version]

Split Incentives in Residential Energy Consumption (with Matt Harding and Dave Rapson)
Energy Journal (2012), 33(2): 37-62
[Published Version] [Working Paper Version] [Contract Theory Appendix]

Energy Efficiency Economics and Policy (with Richard Newell and Karen Palmer)
Annual Review of Resource Economics (2009), 1: 597-619

[Published Version] [NBER Working Paper Version] [RFF Discussion Paper Version] [Reprint in Italian in Energia]

Modeling Endogenous Technological Change for Climate Policy Analysis (with Richard Newell and William Pizer)
Energy Economics (2008), 30(6): 2734-2753
[Published Version] [RFF Discussion Paper Version]

Learning-by-Doing and the Optimal Solar Policy in California (with Arthur van Benthem and James Sweeney)
Energy Journal (2008), 29(3): 131-151
[Published Version] [Final Working Paper Version] [RFF Weekly Policy Commentary based on the paper]