Lab/Podium Software Policy

Lab and podium computers are defined to be any computer that is available for general use with software managed by YSE-IT existing in labs or in podiums in classrooms and auditoriums. The software content of the lab and podium machines is determined by YSE-IT with input from the faculty and staff in an effort to meet the needs of the YSE community as a whole and is reviewed each semester. During summer and winter breaks, the labs may undergo major software and hardware upgrades or replacements.  Because of this, users are advised to save their work on removable media such as USB drives or in the cloud with services such as Box or OneDrive.
  •  Software will not be installed in the labs and classrooms that is not in full compliance with all copyright and licensing restrictions.
  • Trial, evaluation or beta software cannot be installed or supported due to support issues.
  • Installation requests must be submitted to the YSE-IT Helpdesk by email from the instructor or staff member at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the semester.
    • Please state where you want the software installed.
    • Please include available times to help YSE-IT test the software on the equipment to make sure it works the way you intend.
    • Please include specific installation instructions on how you would like the software installed if desired installation differs from the default installation.
    • For free software, please include relevant download information.
    • For software that needs to be purchased, please include charging instructions.
  • Requests with software already acquired by faculty or departments must be accompanied by documentation verifying the purchase/license. 

Reasons for the policy

  • Changes to lab/podium software images are relegated to certain times of the year due to the amount of testing that goes into the lab and podium image preparation.
  • In order to install a new piece of software, it must be tested to ensure it doesn’t conflict with all the other software installed; also to be sure that our use conforms to manufacturer’s license requirements.
  • Frequently software that is free for the end user requires a license at an institutional level.
  • YSE-IT has to make sure that using the software does not conflict with our existing licenses and the implementation thereof. As a result, we do not make changes to individual machines within a lab.
  • For these reasons, we do not temporarily repurpose some or all machines in a lab. Overall, we have to make sure that the labs function optimally for the most people.  


If a faculty or staff member needs a piece of software installed during the semester, they must submit a request to the YSE Helpdesk and we will do our best to accommodate the request in a timely fashion.  Please keep all of the above in mind when submitting an urgent request for a software installation.