Equipment Loans

Equipment Checkout System

We have an equipment checkout system, allowing you to reserve YSE-IT equipment. The system provides details on all the available equipment–including any restrictions on how long it may be checked out and will also send you a reminder when it's time to pick up or return the equipment. Please note there are late fees and charges for lost or over due equipment.

Equipment checkout system

The YSE-IT Department provides a wide variety of equipment for currently enrolled YSE students, Yale students taking YSE courses, and currently employed faculty and staff.

Students, faculty, and staff may be limited by the equipment checkout system to only one of each type of equipment per checkout. Faculty and staff can request to checkout more than one type of equipment if needed and if the equipment is available by emailing

The working condition of equipment is assessed by YSE-IT staff before checkout and upon its return. Upon checkout, the borrower assumes full responsibility for the equipment and all its components. YSE-IT staff strongly recommends and requests that borrowers inspect the equipment they are checking out before leaving the YSE-IT Office so that they may immediately report any problems with the equipment. This action is an added measure meant to protect you, the borrower; once you have checked out the equipment and left the YSE-IT Office, you become monetarily responsible for any and all damage to and/or loss or theft of the loaned equipment.

The borrower is responsible for noting the time and date that equipment is due and is responsible for the security and prompt return of equipment checked out to him or her. If you can not return the equipment by the due date, please contact by email at; however this will not prevent fines from accruing.

Equipment Pick up & Drop off

9am- 4:30pm during the academic year and 9am- 4:00pm during summer hours at the YSE-IT Office in Sage Hall, 3rd Floor, Rm 31A. If you come between 12:00pm and 1:00pm, please see IT Staff in Room 31A.

Equipment can not be left in other parts of the building or in Kroon Hall for F&ES IT staff to retrieve at a later time.

Equipment MUST be inspected for damage, proper working condition, and any accessories that were loaned with the equipment before being checked in.

Borrowers may not check out or return equipment for another person; if it is determined that a borrower has checked out or returned equipment for another person, then both the borrower and the recipient may permanently lose their equipment loan privileges. (Exception: faculty members may have their administrative support staff assist them with this.)

Equipment Loan Lengths

During the academic term, most equipment loan lengths are for up to one week and the equipment checkout system will allow for the automatic renewal of most equipment, if the equipment is available, for up to a second week. The borrower will receive an automated email alerting them when the equipment is due back and in that email will be a link to renew the checkout, if available.
During the winter and summer break, students may request long term loans of the equipment for academic/research purposes. To request a long term loan during winter or summer break, first, make a one week reservation for the equipment you would like to reserve, then email the YSE-IT Helpdesk at with the length of the loan along with the research you will be doing.

Personal Data

The YSE-IT Department is not responsible for any lost data or documents. The borrower is solely responsible for saving files to a USB flash drive or other memory device.
Any data or documents saved to YSE-IT laptops will be permanently erased upon return. When using a laptop or iPad, borrowers may sync additional data and applications, with the understanding that all data added by the borrower will be erased when the laptop and the iPad is returned. Any additional applications, media, or software purchased by the borrower during the loan period must be done with the borrower's own money and is not the responsibility of the YSE-IT Department.

Overdue Fines/Damage Fees

Overdue fines are charged to encourage the prompt return of items in order to ensure fair access of the equipment to other borrowers.
The fines/fees and replacement prices for equipment and accessories are listed in the equipment checkout system on each individual items page.
Fines will be recorded on the student borrower's university bursar account and may result in university restrictions on things such as registration and graduation.  Fines for faculty or staff will be charged to a COA.
Borrowers will be assessed late fees on equipment each day that the equipment is returned past its due date.
Borrowers will be assessed fees for damage on an individual basis because of multiple factors that need consideration: extent of damage, whether or not the equipment is under warranty, and other extenuating circumstances.
Please note, items checked out will continue to assess late fees until returned or until the cost of replacement equals the cost of the late fee. Then YSE-IT staff will apply the full replacement cost of the equipment to the borrower's university bursar account. Also, the borrower may permanently lose his or her equipment loan privileges.

Traveling with Loaned Equipment (Insurance REQUIRED)

When faculty, staff or students are traveling outside the US with loaned IT equipment, we require them to purchase personal property insurance.  This must be purchased on a personal credit card; it isn't an allowed expense on a Yale PCard.   However, it will be reimbursed if you have a COA and if the travel is related to Yale business, research, or School-funded travel.  YSE-IT needs proof of insurance before equipment is loaned for an international trip.  Travelers are required to purchase the insurance 7-10 days before travel since the insurance takes 5 days to process. Yale will only reimburse for the minimum amount of insurance.  You will log on with your net ID to set up an account.  Coverage is not transferable from one person to another, but separate insurance need not be purchased for a second trip within the coverage period.
Go to ; choose the $100 deductible and a $2,000 limit, which is $65 dollars.  This policy only runs from mid-August to mid-August of the next year, so the coverage will not be for a full year unless you purchase it in mid-August.

If you have any questions regarding the insurance please contact or call 1-866-535-0456.

In case of loss or theft, please visit this site for directions: