Lost or Stolen Data & Devices

Loss or Theft of a Cell Phone
In case of loss or theft, please visit this site for directions: http://its.yale.edu/secure-computing/reporting-lost-or-stolen-data-and-devices

We also ask that you inform the YSE-IT office immediately of any loss or theft. It is important that you do not cancel your service for a lost or stolen cell phone until all data has been securely removed. Please see the website above for instructions.

Using Find my IPhone

You will need to download the app to your cell phone from the ITunes store (free) and turn on the service for “Find my IPhone”. If it is not turned on you will not be able to find your phone.  If you lose your phone you will need to use a computer or another phone. You will go to www.icloud.com type in your ID and Password.  A map will pop up with a red dot to indicate where your lost phone is.

Find My iPhone