Data/Computer Security

The S.T.O.P. Program

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The Security Tracking of Office Property (STOP) program uses a “unique, tamper-proof patented plate, with barcode and indelible tattoo – a simple inexpensive solution to three major problems associated with overseeing office equipment theft prevention, equipment recovery, and asset tracking.”
Yale has a three-level system to categorize data security:
  • 1-lock data --- public information
  • 2-lock data --- non-public Yale records that don’t fall within the definition of 3-lock data. This information should always be password protected.
  • 3-lock data - contains information that: (1) could be misused by a criminal, (2) Yale is contractually obligated to keep confidential or that (3) most people would share only with their family, their doctor, their lawyer, or their accountant. Examples of 3-Lock data include Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, trade secrets, medical records, tax records, grades for assignments and courses, passport numbers, Veterans Administration data, and bank account numbers.

If your computer, tablet or smartphone is currently set to enable you to log on without a password, please contact to have it re-set to be password protected in order to become compliant with Yale ITS data security policy.

3-Lock data should always be stored on YSE-IT centralized file storage services, and should never reside on a local computer, laptop, or smartphone.

Yale's Secure File Transfer should always be used when sharing 3-lock data.
Yale Secure File Transfer (for sending and receiving large files)

Box at Yale   Provides 50GB of free document storage and sharing for Yale users 1 or 2-lock data only.
Box file storage is not to be used for 3-lock data.

Please see ITS's protecting Yale's data page for more information.

Reporting Lost or Stolen Data & Devices – What Should I Do?

In case of loss or theft, please visit this site for directions:

We also ask that you inform the YSE-IT office immediately of any loss or theft. It is important that you do not cancel your service for a lost or stolen cell phone until all data has been securely removed. Please see the website above for instructions.