IT Purchases - Hardware and Software

YSE-IT works directly with faculty and department heads to analyze computing needs and to order and install new equipment.  Although many staff and faculty may be able to order hardware or software directly on SciQuest, YSE-IT policy dictates that all computer-related orders must be coordinated with and purchased by the YSE-IT office to insure that these purchases comply with Yale and YSE-IT policies and specifications.  If YSE community members purchase computers or software that do not conform with Yale and YSE recommendations, YSE-IT staff will not be able to provide technical support for those purchases.
YSE-IT follows Yale ITS policy in specifying computer hardware from vendors and manufacturers with which Yale has negotiated highly favorable pricing, and in most cases recommends the purchase of Lenovo and Apple Macintosh hardware.
Because faculty computers are charged to faculty support accounts, each faculty member determines his or her own computer replacement or upgrade schedule.  All faculty members are responsible for funding the cost of replacement computers and peripherals from their faculty discretionary allotments.  Unless a specific arrangement is outlined in the faculty appointment letter, new faculty members are expected to use their own computers (laptops) as well as their YSE provided Dropbox account for all YSE related file storage.  


For administrative staff computers purchased on the YSE-IT budget, replacements and upgrades are determined in consultation with department heads; the norm for replacement is between forty and forty-eight months, but this varies depending on the nature of the tasks performed. 

Effective July 1, 2017, YSE has a Postdoctoral and Postgraduate Assoicate Computer Policy.  More information on this policy can be found here.  For questions regarding this policy, please email the YSE-IT Helpdesk.
YSE-IT policy requires that all computer-related orders must be coordinated with and purchased by the YSE-IT office.  This policy is necessary for three primary reasons:

1.  Support - YSE-IT must support IT equipment as necessitated by Yale’s IT and security policies. For example, some consumer laptops do not have the necessary equipment to secure and protect the hard drives if they are lost or stolen.  YSE-IT ensures that laptops purchased have the necessary equipment to protect and secure hard drives from unauthorized access. 

2.  Pricing - YSE-IT works with many different vendors and Yale systems in order to get the best available pricing.  For example, we receive approximately 30-40% off retail on certain Lenovo computer configurations.  These machines also have a 4-year, next business day, accidental damage on-site repair warranty included making it a guaranteed best buy.

3.  Inventory – Items that are above $299 must be tagged and inventoried per policy.

YSE-IT realizes this policy may pose an unrealistic burden for those travelling or in the field for extended periods of time,  if an emergency presents itself.  In these cases, we ask that you:

1.  Email or call the YSE-IT helpdesk at helpdesk.yse@yale.edu or (203) 436-4444 so YSE-IT staff can offer guidance on how to proceed.  YSE-IT will respond within one business day.  YSE-IT staff may suggest purchasing something while away from Yale or we may be able to ship you something that we have available from IT stock.  If it is a repair of equipment, YSE-IT can coordinate the repair for you while you are travelling or in the field.

2.  Any equipment purchased in the field or while travelling will have to be tagged according to policy. If traveling, equipment will be tagged upon return.  If in the field, tagging will be coordinated with the PI.

If there are any questions regarding this, please feel free to send questions to helpdesk.yse@yale.edu.



All purchases made with Yale funds of any kind are the property of Yale University/YSE.  Items that are $299 and above must be tagged and added to the YSE-IT inventory by the YSE-IT department.  Items remain the property of Yale University/YSE unless purchased under a grant that specifically states otherwise.  Also, the Faculty Handbook allows retiring faculty members to keep a computer for their own use when they retire.  Items, other than mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc.), that are used off campus must be approved in advance by the Lead Administrator.  Yale University policy does not allow purchases of desktop computer equipment or devices such as printers for home office use.  Staff machines normally consist of a desktop machine.  Laptops with a docking station can be used in place of a desktop in consulation with the staff member’s department head and YSE-IT.  A staff members request to have a laptop in addition to a desktop purchased on school funds, must be approved in advance by the Lead administrator.  Per the new Yale agreement with GovConnection/Lenovo, Lenovo machines will be purchased unless an Apple/Macintosh machine is requested and approved by the Lead Administrator and YSE-IT.


Software requests should first be checked against the Yale Software Library at http://software.yale.edu.

Software not avaiable at the Yale Software Library should be requested through the YSE-IT Office. YSE-IT will do our best to install non-Yale supported software, but we cannot support all software that is available for purchase.

The YSE-IT department provides a variety of software solutions for your computing needs. This software is available for all staff and faculty machines, and most packages are available for student machines. Both Macintosh and Windows operating systems are available for install on all Yale owned machines. 
It is standard practice to install the latest version of Office, Adobe Professional, Symantec Antivirus (with virus definitions updated automatically), Endnote and ESRI’s ARC GIS package (Windows only) at no cost to the user.
All other software packages are done on a case by case basis evaluating the new software for its cohesiveness with Yale systems. For these unique cases, an email to helpdesk.yse@yale.edu needs to be placed in order for one of our experienced technicians to order and install the software at a discounted rate from our vendor. The cost of these packages will be charged to the user's or departments account. We do not provide training for any of these packages; however Yale has provided training solutions for software at https://www.linkedin.com/learning/
At the beginning of each academic year we work with the faculty to ensure that our computer lab, doctoral lab, and podium machines all have the necessary software for a students’ academic needs.
We do not support any unlicensed software, pirating software or personal music software packages and will not install or troubleshoot these. Please see Yale University’s policy on appropriate use of technology at http://policy.yale.edu/policy/1607-information-technology-appropriate-use-policy for details.