Desk Phones

YSE-IT is the point of contact for desk phone request and repairs. Please create a ticket using the IT Support Request Form.
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All requests relating to phone orders, cancellations, programming, adds, moves, or changes must be submitted to the YSE-IT department by emailing or by calling the YSE HelpDesk at 436-4444. Please include a COA on all requests as well as a phone number for requests relating to an existing phone. Please be aware that telephone requests require at least three to five days to process by telecom.

Cell Phones

Eligibility, Funding and Billing

A staff member may request a cell phone to be ordered and billed to YSE unrestricted funds only if one of the two following requirements is met:

  • a. The individual’s job requires considerable time outside the office (travel, meetings, conferences, moving between buildings, etc.) and use of the cell   phone facilitates the effective conduct of business operations while away; or
  • b. The individual’s job requires the staff member to be immediately accessible to receive and/or make frequent business calls outside of working hours.

All cell phone requests must be approved in advance by the Director of Finance and Administration.

A School cell phone may be provided to a faculty member if funded from the faculty member’s support account, or to a center or program staff member if not funded from School unrestricted funds.  Cell phones are not to be charged to grants without prior approval from the Director of Finance and Administration.

Please note that the four vendors with which Yale has contracted for cell phone service may have different billing cycles that do not correspond to your monthly account statements. (For example, the AT&T billing cycle runs from the 16th of the month to the 15th of the following month.) Charges for changes in service are not prorated, so if you cancel a service at any time during a billing cycle you will be billed for that service for the entire billing cycle.

All requests relating to cell phone orders, cancellations and service agreements must be submitted to the YSE-IT department by emailing or by calling the YSE HelpDesk at 436-4444. Please include a PTAEO on all requests as well as a phone number for requests relating to an existing phone. Please be aware that telephone requests require three to five days to process.

Regardless of the funding source, cell phones are Yale University property and must be returned to the YSE-IT Department upon departure of the employee, or if service to an old cell phone is discontinued and a new phone is purchased.  Please refer to Policy 1110, “,” for policies related to use.  

A School cell phone may be used for personal calls to the extent that no incremental fees are incurred.  If incremental fees are incurred for personal use, these are to be reimbursed to the School. However, Yale has negotiated plans with its cellular service providers to provide cellular telephone service for personal use for all Yale University employees.  See for information on obtaining a discount on your personal cell phone plan.

All faculty and staff with cell phones provided by the School are prohibited from using the cell phone while driving, hands on or hands off, whether the business conducted is personal or School-related. This prohibition includes receiving or placing calls, text messaging, surfing the Internet, receiving or responding to email, checking for phone messages, or any other School or personally related activities not named here while driving.

Loss or Theft of a Cell Phone

In case of loss or theft, please visit this site for directions:

We also ask that you inform the YSE-IT office immediately of any loss or theft. It is important that you do not cancel your service for a lost or stolen cell phone until all data has been securely removed. Please see the website above for instructions.

Using Find my IPhone

You will need to download the app to your cell phone from the ITunes store (free) and turn on the service for “Find my IPhone”. If it is not turned on you will not be able to find your phone.  If you lose your phone you will need to use a computer or another phone. You will go to type in your ID and Password.  A map will pop up with a red dot to indicate where your lost phone is.

Please check this video on how to find my IPhone

Selecting and Ordering a Cell Phone and Calling Plan

Calling plan options and selection:

Traveling with a Cell Phone: Special Considerations

Please submit a request to YSE-IT 2 weeks in advance of your travel date.  Also, submit a request once you have returned to remove your services.

Each of the four vendors offers an international calling plan and links to these services are given in the next section. However, it’s important to rember that international data plans cover a limited amount of data, and it is generally very expensive to exceed the purchased amount. Please consider using local wireless (wi-fi) access whenever possible to reduce expensive data charges.

If you are traveling:

  • If you are planning to use your smartphone, cell phone, laptop, or tablet when traveling overseas, read our guide to preparing for a safe and successful trip.
  • With wireless networking on laptops and smartphones, and with public or commercial wireless ("Wi-Fi") network services in most airports and hotels, connecting to your Yale email and resources has never been easier. However, public wireless networks have become major targets for identity thieves and other computer criminals.Before you travel, be sure your laptop and/or smartphone is set up for secure connections to Yale.

Whether you are traveling or not:

  • The website provides comprehensive information about identity theft and phishing, physical security for devices, how to report lost or stolen devices or data, and many other topics.

iPhone Note: If you are using an iPhone and would like to see how much data you are using, go to Settings, then General, then click on Usage.  At the bottom of the screen you will see sending and receiving data usage.  There is also a Reset Statistics button, which will allow you to clear the statistics so you can measure your usage over time.

Because of the cost of international calling, messaging and data plans, many YSE staff and faculty request that we add an international plan for them on a temporary basis. If you intend to order a temporary plan, please remember that we will need to submit separate orders to initiate and terminate your plan, and inform us when you return from travel so that we will know exactly when to submit the cancellation request. Because this is a two-part procedure, you must formally request the cancellation upon your return.

International Calling and Data Plans:

World Travel – Allows you to call from international locations when travelling overseas at a discounted rate.

World Connect – Allows you to call international locations from the United States. 

International Long Distance Value Plan – Allows you to call international locations from the United States. 

Note: Not all Verizon phones can make calls in other countries.  To verify your phone will work in the country you visit, see