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Welcome to the YSE-IT Resources Page. Here you will find links to YSE specific software, Installation tutorial videos and other helpful links.

For additional software installers, please visit the Yale ITS Software Library

Have you recently purchased or received a new computer? Below you will find links to commonly used software at YSE along with videos detailing the installation process:


CrashPlan will backup your computer (and up to 3 others) while you are a student at YSE.  Once the initial backup is completed, it will automatically backup documents that have changed every 15 minutes as long as you have access to the internet.   
  If you need to restore data backed up by CrashPlan from your previous machine, this video will help you do so:  Restore files

VPN - Remote Yale Network Access

The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client (aka Cisco VPN client) allows you to connect to Yale network resources from off campus.  Yale network resources could include library e-resources (journal articles,  electronic publications), network servers, or other network devices that can’t be accessed unless you are on campus or connected with the Cisco VPN client.


You will need to install the PaperCut Client and printers so you can print to any of the public BluePrint printers at YSE and elsewhere on campus.  


Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016 for students is available from OnTheHub for free.  Please keep a record of your installation code once it is provided.  The installation code is only available for 30 days unless you opt to pay a small fee.
We strongly advise you to take a screenshot of the installation code.
Other software is available for little to no cost at the Yale Software Library.  Please check the Yale Software Library for any software before you make a software purchase.  The software library includes titles like EndNote, Mathematica, Matlab and Minitab.


Need to link your Yale_FES Dropbox account to your personal Dropbox account? 
This video will walk you through the steps.
Download Dropbox software for your computer or mobile device.


URL Shortener -  This tool allows you to create a custom link to a web page
Handy for custom URLs with Dropbox
Poll Everywhere - Polling tool can be used as a standalone application or with Powerpoint presentations

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